STILL Diesel and Gas Fork Trucks

With lifting capacities ranging from 1600kgs to 8000kgs, the RX 70 stands out not just because of its wide field of vision, compact dimensions, and precise and sensitive ease of use – it is also a milestone in sustainability. Thanks to the diesel-electric drive, all RX 70 forklifts are unbeatable for energy-efficiency. That also applies to the multi-award winning RX 70 hybrid: this hybrid truck obtains its fuel firstly from a diesel tank and secondly from electrical energy stores, the Ultra-Caps.

The electrical current generated when braking is stored in these dual layer capacitors and then made available for driving or lifting procedures. This reduces the fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent – with the same performance! And lower fuel consumption also means lower CO2 emissions. Discover the new generation of smart energy saving. The RX 70 Hybrid will pay dividends.

The comfortable driver’s cab has been designed in accordance with the latest ergonomic aspects in order to prevent signs of tiredness and to increase safety. Driving and lifting behaviour can be aligned to usage or to driver habits.

There are five driving programmes available. Blue-Q energy-saving mode enables a saving of 10 per cent in energy consumption without any loss of performance.

RX 70 1,6 – 2,0 T

up to 8065 mm

up to 2000 kg

RX 70 6,0 – 8,0 T

up to 8670 mm

up to 8000 kg

RX 70 2,2 – 3,5 T

up to 7630 mm

up to 3500 kg

RX 70 HYBRID 3,0 – 3,5 T

up to 7390 mm

up to 3500 kg

RX 70 4,0 – 5,0 T

up to 7180 mm

up to 5000 kg