STILL Tow Trucks, Tractors and Trailers

STILL fast, powerful electric platform trucks and tractors are very flexible in use. They are ideal for internal transportation over medium and long runs – with or without a trailer.

A typical application is the movement of materials between storage and production buildings (e.g. in the vehicle industry, at airports, on the railways or with the post office).

LTX 70 / LTX-T 08

up to 745 mm

up to 2000 kg


up to 4000 mm

up to 1000 kg

LTX 20 / LTX-T 04

up to 1040 mm

up to 700 kg


up to 4000 mm

up to 1000 kg

R 07

up to 25000 mm

up to 3000 kg

R 08

up to 2000 mm

up to 2000 kg